The Exotic Bean

Thailand Decaf Blend- 16 oz.

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  • A combination of beans from our Thailand farm produces a lively medium strong bodied cup with a clean dry, low acid finish
  • We only use the “Swiss Water” process in our Decaf. It’s much more costly for us but it results in 99.9% caffeine free with minimum flavor loss
  • Look for the Swiss Water label to guarantee that your coffee does not use toxic chemicals to remove the caffeine
  • We promise you will quickly fall in love with this tasty medium-dark full bodied finish, this is not your usual decaf

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9 reviews for Thailand Decaf Blend- 16 oz.

  1. Avatar of D3 Support

    Dennis P

    Due to health issues my doctor told me I had to go on decaf. When I started to drink most of the top brand decaf’s they all fell flat, with little body & taste, it got to the point that I almost gave up coffee for good. I traveled to Thailand and came across a fantastic decaf while eating breakfast. To be honest I never knew Thailand has coffee, especially not good coffee. When I arrived home I searched for Thailand coffee which how I discovered The Exotic Bean Coffee so I immediately ordered a pound of their decaf. I couldn’t believe it not only was it better than what I had in Thailand it was actually a lower price. Now I get to have my normal coffee taste without the strain on my heart. I told my doctor about it now he recommends it to all of his coffee drinking patients. BTW, these guys are great to deal with, they usual ship me fresh roasted coffee the same day I order it. Great customer service.

  2. Avatar of D3 Support

    Dwight Miller (verified owner)

    As far as I know, this is the best decaf coffee available in the US. Dark and rich in flavor and no jitters. What else could one want? Keep up the excellent work, guys and girls…

  3. Avatar of D3 Support


    Never been a fan of Decaf but due to my Dr’s advice I had to make the switch. I have tried 20+ different decaf’s & they all have the same watered down taste, then a friend of mine recommended this companies decaf. Well my search is over, I’ve finally found a decaf that tastes like real coffee. An added benefit is that they use the Swiss Water decaf method, if you don’t know what this is due some research you will understand how important this is. I now use their discounted subscribe plan to get an even better price on a fantastic coffee.

  4. Avatar of D3 Support


    This is without a doubt the best Decaf I have ever tasted. My wife bought this for me and I had to check to verify it was actually a Decaf, yes it tasted that darn good.

  5. Avatar of D3 Support


    My doctor recently told me to switch over to Decaf. At first I thought it would not be that big a deal, wow was I wrong. Every Decaf I had tried to date tasted watered down, worse yet I did some research and discovered most companies use high pressure water and dangerous chemicals to decaffeinate the coffee bean. When I discovered The Exotic Bean used the Swiss water method I had to try. Well my faith in good tasting coffee has been restored. This Paradise Mountain decaf tastes just like the old full bodied caffeinated coffees I used to drink with one major exception, this coffee Tastes freakin awesome!!!

  6. Avatar of D3 Support


    Personally I do not drink Decaf but my husband does so I ordered for him. Most of the time Decafs are tasteless but not this one. When my husband first drank this coffee he complained to me that I must have made him caffeinated coffee by mistake. I reluctantly took a sip, immediately I was hit with a great tasting coffee with an array of great flavors. I had to pull the bag out of the cabinet to verify it truly was Decaf. I have since ordered other coffees from this company and let me tell you they are all great tasting.

  7. Avatar of D3 Support


    You would never know this was Decaf if it were not for the bag. Since being diagnosed with a heart ailment I have had to switch over to Decaf. To date I almost gave up on coffee due to the other Decaf’s out there tasting like watered down boring coffee. This coffee on the other hand brings back memories of some great full bodied caffeinated coffees I used to drink. Well worth the money…….

  8. Avatar of D3 Support

    Linda Miller

    Love the decaf its amazing!!!

  9. Avatar of D3 Support


    I had to check the bag twice to make sure this was a Decaf, it’s that good. Not some typical watered down Decaf most other companies sell, plus they us the best “Swiss Water” process so I know it’s chemical free. Great job, The Exotic Bean

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