The Exotic Bean
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Our Mission

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Our mission at The Exotic Bean is to bring you the finest direct-trade coffees from Thailand. Our mantra “making a difference from the seed to the cup” ensures that our coffee will always be ethically and environmentally sustainable.

The Exotic Bean promise:

We only sell natural “shade grown” coffees. At The Exotic Bean we only promote products that leave as small of a footprint on our precious planets as possible. Our farms are much smaller thus we can maintain environmental integrity. The large farms that mass produce coffee require deforestation by clear cutting of forests. With this method they can grow more coffee but the damage to the environment and nature is irreparable. This is just unacceptable to us, we promise to never support such a practice just to make a profit.

Lastly, all of our coffee beans are “USDA certified organic.” Due to the heavy use of synthetic fertilizers, pesticides and chemical fumigation most coffees are laden with chemicals when they arrive in the US. At The Exotic Bean we only choose organic coffees because we truly care about the health and well being of our customers. Don’t be fooled by just any organic coffee, unless it is USDA certified you cannot be sure it is authentic.

We promise you will “Taste the Difference!”