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Benefits of Single Origin Coffee

All ground coffee will be a medium grind unless notified otherwise.

What is Single Origin Coffee?

‘Single-origin’ is a specific term that brings pleasure to coffee snobs for a good reason. Sourced from one location or region and grown in single estates, the single origin coffees are generally available exclusively at a certain period of time. The most important aspect of single-origin coffee is its unique flavor. It is an acknowledgement that the coffee beans are grown in a single estate with the help of unique settings. And thus, it derives a unique flavor depicting the aroma of its origin.

Does Single Origin Coffee Taste Differently?

Since single origin coffee beans are easy to trace to a single region, they have naturally a different taste and flavor because of the specific growing and processing conditions used in that particular area. It is also traceable because the flavor of coffee depends on several important elements like soil, climate, cultivation settings, shade, botanical variety, altitude, and processing method.

Our Paradise Mountain Organic Farm is a single estate, situated at nearly 3700ft above the sea level. With the bird-friendly setup, we always ensure the coffee beans are grown among the trees for maintaining its true organic profile with high-quality single estate production process. The farm is situated near to Chiang Mai in Thailand.

What are The Benefits of Single Origin Coffee?

The unique flavor of single origin coffee can exclusively justify your love for coffee, but there are many things you will be proud of, if you add it to your daily diet. Apart from its exclusive character, the value it brings to farmers is quite impressive. It is processed through the direct trade practice ensuring the farmers get a fair price for their produces. With sustainable and reliable income, they keep producing high-quality beans through sustainable and environment-friendly cultivation process.

Secondly, you find so many health benefits as it helps people eliminate the risk of heart disease and dementia. Since the coffee beans are organically cultivated in a bird-friendly single estate, they contain natural ingredients and minerals that can boost your resistance to a number of diseases. Coffee has been found to have a good source of energy level, which consecutively can enhance your physical and mental performance.