The Exotic Bean

Thailand Estate Blend- 16 oz

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  • We developed this blend to produce a coffee that reflects the characteristics of the exceptional coffees grown in northern Thailand.
  • It presents a medium to dark low acid full bodied single origin blend.
  • The finish is slightly smoky with hints of mocha, citrus and berries & honeysuckle.
  • Sip this one by itself to truly appreciate it’s complexity.
  • This is the “only” single origin blend on the market

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12 reviews for Thailand Estate Blend- 16 oz

  1. Avatar of D3 Support

    Mark L

    When I discovered The Exotic Bean coffee I wasn’t sure whether to order medium roast or dark roast? Upon reading the description I discovered this was a 50/50 mix of both, so that is what I chose. The smells that emanate from the bag as soon as you open it were wonderful, but brewing would be the true test. Well this passed the test with flying colors from the first sip, been ordering 2lbs per month for the past 6 months. What a great find!!!

  2. Avatar of D3 Support

    Michael Babcock (verified owner)

    This is certainly my favorite – I get it every 4 weeks on a subscription and I never tire of the taste. It’s a great combination of flavors and aroma. It’s spoiled me for other local coffees here in the S.F. Bay Area – I appreciate the lack of bitterness and the lovely complexity. The tastes linger after drinking. A lovely aroma, as well.

  3. Avatar of D3 Support

    Mary M

    Wonderful smells, rich flavors and finish. You cannot go wrong with any of these coffees from The Exotic Bean. Just bought the sample pack to see what other hidden gems are in Thailand.

  4. Avatar of D3 Support


    Was given this coffee as a gift for my birthday. Having never heard of The Exotic Bean or coffee from Thailand I was open minded but skeptical of this coffee, well was I surprised! OMG, I cannot get over the bold fresh flavors in this coffee. Not only were the beans super fresh I just cannot get enough of this coffee. Since receiving the gift and finishing it rather quickly it might I say, I decided to order their sample pack to try out the rest of their blends. Well now I have a new problem, they were all so good not sure which one to order. Hands down the best darn coffee I have ever tasted!!! Highly, highly recommend!!

  5. Avatar of D3 Support


    I loved this coffee. The beans were fresh and oily with an awesome full non-bitter taste. One of the best coffees I have tried to date. Will definitely be buying this again.

  6. Avatar of D3 Support


    This Estate Blend is one awesome coffee will get it again. Just starting to take a tour of all of The Exotic Beans coffees, next up their Angels Espresso.

  7. Avatar of D3 Support


    A friend gave me this coffee as a birthday present, wasn’t quite sure what to expect since I have been drinking the same coffee for years. I knew I was in for a treat just from the smell of the beans themselves but that sometimes can be misleading. Not this time, this coffee has a near perfect blend of flavors, hints of citrus, cocoa all while providing a smooth cup with no bitterness. Good stuff!!

  8. Avatar of D3 Support

    Kathleen Cox

    Wasn’t quite sure what to expect with this medium-dark roast blend when I ordered it. Well after drinking a lot of it I have to say this is one very special coffee. The great flavors keep bringing me back for more. I feel kind of bad that after all these years of drinking coffee that I have finally found one that actually has taste and is not bitter. Well my search is done, love all of these coffees from Thailand. Thanks, The Exotic Bean….

  9. Avatar of D3 Support

    Kathleen Cox

    Great tasting coffee with such an amazing array of flavors. No bitterness nor acidity that comes with most coffees. Coffee from Thailand, seems like The Exotic Bean is on to something here. Will recommend to all of my coffee drinking friends!!!

  10. Avatar of D3 Support


    Very smooth, great taste….cannot get enough. Not a bit bitter with no acidity feeling in my stomach. I cannot wait to try their other coffees as well. Highly recommend!!!

  11. Avatar of D3 Support


    Wow….this was a very nice coffee, very complex and full of flavors, very smooth, will by again

  12. Avatar of D3 Support


    This coffee was pretty good, but I liked their medium roast much better.

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