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For those who are undecided, choose any four (4) of our different blends to try to find your favorite coffee. We will ship out a 4oz sample of each coffee chosen which will total a full pound of our Thailand coffees. Please note: you cannot chose four of one blend, this is a sample pack so you will need to chose four different blends. ****All samples will be sent out as “Whole Bean” unless buyer sends a note for us to grind.****

  • Peaberry – A prized hand selected rare bean produces a smooth full bodied medium roast cup with hints of bakers chocolate, honeysuckle and hints of citrus aroma
  • Medium – A single origin Arabica coffee produces a vibrant beginning with a hint of citrus, mocha and honey finish
  • Estate – Produces a medium-dark cup with a slightly smoky finish with hints of mocha, citrus and berries
  • Dark – A single origin certified organic coffee that offers hints of dark chocolate, caramel and subtle notes of citrus
  • Espresso – This special blend hits with a smooth, creamy, slighty sweet taste on the tongue with hints of honey, macadamia and winy undertones, finishes with a nice mocha taste
  • Decaf – A combination of beans from our Thailand farm produces a lively medium-dark “Swiss Water” processed strong bodies cup with a clean, dry finish

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5 reviews for Sample Pack

  1. Avatar of D3 Support

    Dee Dee Lynn Bendriss (verified owner)

    The Peaberry coffees are the best, they have such an amazing aroma & smooth full bodied flavor. Highly, highly recommend.

  2. Avatar of D3 Support

    Michael Babcock (verified owner)

    What are you waiting for! I highly recommend getting the sample pack. You get 4 (although they actually sent us 5) great coffees to try. A great opportunity to try some outstanding coffees. After our sample pack we set up a monthly subscription of Estate Blend, a slight favorite: we liked them all. The one downside: if we travel and can’t bring our own coffee-making set up, the coffee we can get doesn’t compare with our Estate Blend.

  3. Avatar of D3 Support


    I bought this sample pack after reading about their awesome coffees, not sure of which one I wanted since they all sounded so good. I am now in love with The Exotic Beans organic Thailand coffees,they are all so good, now I cannot figure which ones I want to order.

  4. Avatar of D3 Support

    David Hawes

    If you never tasted coffee that comes from the jungles of Thailand then you’ve missed out on tasting the best coffee in the world. The jungle climate is exactly what a good coffee tree needs to produce ripe, red coffee berries. For me, I’ll drink no other coffee than Paradise Mountain Organic coffee from The Exotic Bean!

  5. Avatar of D3 Support

    Ellin Jones

    My friend referred me to this company so I knew they had awesome coffees but I had no idea which one to order then I saw they had this sample pack to try. When I received my order as soon as I opened the box & the incredible smell hit me I knew I was in for a treat. Only problem now is that since they all taste so good I have to decide which one’s to order. Maybe I will order two different one’s a month?

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