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Thailand Medium Roast- 16 oz.

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  • This coffee offers a full bodied, low acid delicious cup of coffee bursting with flavor and plenty of caffeine¬†
  • This 100% pure Arabica bean produces a smooth, sweet, slightly dry coffee with a pleasant flowery aroma
  • A single origin high quality coffee offers a vibrant beginning with a hint of citrus & honey finish
  • Don’t be fooled by it’s smooth taste, it packs plenty of punch without sacrificing taste
  • If you are used to strong bitter coffees this one isn’t for you, this coffee is smooth with tons of flavor and no acidity

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19 reviews for Thailand Medium Roast- 16 oz.

  1. Avatar of D3 Support


    Well this has opened my eyes, not sure if this is just a special coffees or have all the other coffees I have tried were just that bad? I am a numbers person so I am going to go with this coffee is exceptional. Love the natural flavors this coffee has plus it’s less expensive than many others I have tried. Fantastic cup of coffee.

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    Anthony M

    Being a creature of habit, I rarely ever change from my normal tried and true, especially with my morning coffee. A friend of mine gave a pound of this coffee to me as a gift. Once I opened the bag and the wonderful scent hit me I knew I was in for something special. Most medium roasts are either too dark or too light, this one was perfect. The true test was going to be brewing it. The first cup was an eye-opening experience. I figured I would drink it for a few days then switch back to my old coffee. When I do so I realized how superior of a cup this bean made. I’m sold now, even started a subscription in order to save some money.

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    A friend of mine turned me on to this company since they know how much of a coffee fanatic I am. I am a diehard fan of my espresso maker, to date I have tried all of The Exotic Beans coffees except Decaf. I was paying a lot more for my gourmet coffees from some of the best roasters in the country, Peet’s, La Columbe, Counter Culture just to name a few. These coffees pale in comparison to the taste & quality of these Thailand coffee beans. Not sure what these guys are doing but their coffee is untouchable even when compared to coffees that cost twice as much. I like them all but I really like their Medium roast, Angels espresso as well as their Estate blend. Take it from an experience coffee roaster, these coffees from The Exotic Bean are worth every penny they sell for. You cannot go wrong with any of them. Highly recommend!!!!

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    This is excellent coffee. I have tried the dark , medium and the peaberry, they are all fantastic. The medium roast is very smooth and not bitter but still retains lots of yummy flavors. Thai coffee is a well kept secret in the US. I have been to Thailand twice and I am convinced Thai coffee is some of the best in the world.

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    Very smooth coffee, not bitter nor acidic. When freshly brewed has a full body with hints of citrus, sweet aroma and taste. We really really like it.

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    Great coffee!!!! Very pleasantly surprised, it is smooth, rich with great flavors without the usual Asian earthiness. Have ordered seven times already, fast shipping, fresh product what else can you ask for?

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    This is the coffee that restored my faith in coffee. I thought maybe I have no clue how to brew good coffee. Despite my best efforts it always came out too bitter or tasted over roasted. My search is done, trying their peaberry now, hard to believe this is even better than their medium roast. Where has The Exotic Bean been hiding this Paradise Mountain organic coffee?

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    This coffee is fantastic, smooth no bitterness, full of a wonderful array of flavors. Hands down one of the best coffees I have ever had and with this price point my new number #1 coffee. Highly recommend!!

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    Excellent coffee, very tasty. Will definitely buy again A+

  10. Avatar of D3 Support

    Amy Haines

    A friend of mine gave me some of your coffee for a birthday present, I received a Thai Peaberry and a Thai medium roast. OMG, I thought I knew good coffee, obviously not. Both of these coffee are hands down the best I have ever had. Best present I received this year….will be back for more.

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    Smooth, very flavorful, great taste, will buy again

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    My husband wanted to try something different. We were searching for an organic medium roast and found this one. It’s a bold medium roast that simply makes a great cup of coffee. We perc our coffee and this stood up well. We have ordered this coffee several times and it has earned a place among our regular go to beans. Nothing but high praise for this outstanding product.

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    Smells heavenly and tastes so flavorful, yet smooth without a hint of bitterness. I’ve tried other “smooth” coffees (several in fact) and they seem to have the flavor removed and are still bitter. I don’t know what’s different about this one but it is so smooth, very flavorful with hints of citrus, which is key if you prefer black coffee. I cannot imagine how tasty this would be with cream & sugar. A special coffee, truly to be enjoyed.

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    I love this medium roast Thai coffee. I normally drink grocery store stuff but on a recommendation of a friend of mine I decided to give this a try. Well, I will drink the grocery stuff no longer, this coffee is smooth, not bitter and full of flavor. Plus you can beat the fast free shipping!!!

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    Steve Young

    We were looking for something special here and we found it. We usually drink Green Mountain coffee but no more. This coffee was full bodied yet tastes so smooth, better yet has a nice caffeine rush. Great cup of coffee.

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    Steve Young

    We were looking for something special here and we found it. We usually drink Green Mountain coffee but no more. This coffee was full of bold yet smooth tastes, with a nice caffeine rush. Great cup of coffee!!!!

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    Best tasting coffee I have found in a long time.

  18. Avatar of D3 Support

    Laura Learner

    I bought this coffee originally off of Amazon and loved it, after searching Google for this company I found their website. As with most products on Amazon prime they tend to be less expensive if you buy them directly from the supplier.
    With that said this is by far the best tasting and smelling coffee I have ever had. If you are looking for or used to a strong bitter cup, this is not for you. With that being said I do not like weak coffee, this coffee is smooth, very flavorful and SO SO delicious. This coffee checks all of the boxes….do yourself a favor, buy this you will not be disappointed!!

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    Paul Villmoare

    I heard of Thai coffee but never have seen it for sale. When a friend of mine referred this company to me I figured I would give it a try, glad I did! This coffee has an excellent taste, not bitter, very flavorful,not some watered down coffee. Pleasantly surprised, great price….will buy again!!!

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