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Two words ……… .fantastic coffee!!

Toni J. - Severna Park, MD

When I lived overseas I used to visit frequently many different coffee bars trying
various coffees from around the world. However, it was not until I came back to
the States a friend told me about the Thai coffee from the Exotic Bean. By far the
most flavorful coffee I have encountered. I’m hooked.

Alma R. - Queens, NY

I pride myself on only buying high-quality organically grown coffee beans.
Wow, what a find The Exotic Bean has been. I have tried most of their products,
and I have to say, they are hands down some of the best coffees I have ever

Rob I. - Miami, FL

We were looking for something special here and we found it. We usually drink Green Mountain coffee but no more. This coffee was full bodied yet tastes so smooth, better yet has a nice caffeine rush. Great cup of coffee.

Steve Young

Coffee from Thailand is not easy to find and I was thrilled to find it on Amazon sold through The Exotic Bean. This was my first time trying the Peaberry and I can honestly say it was a wonderful surprise. It has a unique flavor, different from all the other coffees I have tried and I can now say one of my favorites. We use a French Press or Chimex at home and this coffee did not disappoint. I left Amazon and visited their website, bought the same coffee at a better price plus still got free shipping.

Dawn Bennett

Having lived in Chiang Mai, Thailand I knew they grow some really tasty coffee. It’s next to impossible to find in the US at a price this good. I was happy to find on Amazon, both their Peaberry & medium roast are excellent coffees, smooth, mellow (in a good sense) and complex. I am curious to try their dark roast now but I will order directly from them since the price is lower than Amazon.


The aroma of this coffee is wonderful in the morning, when I am wondering what in the world I am doing up so early. Smooth, full bodied….great way to start my day.

Valerie Seamons

Wonderful coffee, smooth but very flavorful. Shipping was fast and free can’t beat that. I would definitely buy from The Exotic Bean again.


Living in Hawaii I’ve been a fan of Kona peaberry for years, but I confess that this organic Thai Peaberry is much richer with a deep sweetness that seems too big for such a small package. I actually buy 2-3 a month from these guys!!!


The aroma of this coffee is wonderful in the morning when I am still wondering what in the world I am doing up so early, smooth taste, full bodied….A+++++