The Exotic Bean
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So glad this company now offers gift certificates. I already love their coffees so I figured what better gift to give to my friends & family so they can enjoy what I have been for years now. Thanks The Exotic Bean coffee….


A few years back I decided to make the switch to only drinking organic coffees, considering some of the chemicals they use when growing most coffees I knew I had to switch to full organic. Not only are these coffee beans USDA certified organic (gold standard) they are Smithsonian bird friendly (highest shade grown certification) as well. At first I was a little put off because I am used to bitter dark roasts, this was so smooth I was skeptical that this was even a dark roast. Well I decided to give it a few more days then a profound change came over, I realized all of the other coffees I had been drinking such as Peet’s, La Columbe, Zeek’s to name a few were crap. This is not only a delicious dark roast it is smooth with little bitterness or acidity. Now I have a bigger problem, I am so used to the taste and smoothness of this coffee I cannot drink anything else.

Mark S

Was given this coffee as a gift for my birthday. Having never heard of The Exotic Bean or coffee from Thailand I was open minded but skeptical of this coffee, well was I surprised! OMG, I cannot get over the bold fresh flavors in this coffee. Not only were the beans super fresh I just cannot get enough of this coffee. Since receiving the gift and finishing it rather quickly it might I say, I decided to order their sample pack to try out the rest of their blends. Well now I have a new problem, they were all so good not sure which one to order. Hands down the best darn coffee I have ever tasted!!! Highly, highly recommend!!


This has quickly become my everyday coffee, that’s saying a lot since I live in Hawaii better known as Kona country. I have been drinking Kona for well over 15+ years and this Thai Peaberry from The Exotic Bean blows it away, not even close. Highly recommend!!!

Richard S

Every cup earns a huge “WOW”!!! Perfect taste, balance & flavors, all the qualities diehard coffee drinkers seek. For me, it’s just the perfect coffee. Don’t be put off by the price, it’s better than Jamaican Blue Mountain & Hawaiian Kona at a 1/3rd of the price.

Joel H

This coffee is superb with a smoothness & richness I haven’t found in any other dark roast coffee. Trust me I have put this coffee thing a multitude of tests, cold brew, french press, espresso, pour over & even drip, still cannot find a weakness. I usually drink my coffee with cream but this is so good with no bitterness that I drink it black. This Angels espresso is a real hidden gem. Highly recommend!!!

Evelynn R

Wonderful smells, rich flavors and finish. You cannot go wrong with any of these coffees from The Exotic Bean. Just bought the sample pack to see what other hidden gems are in Thailand.

Mary M

My husband is a huge coffee connoisseur, after buying him this Peaberry from Thailand he says he’s done searching.

Wendy P

Great coffee, full flavor, surprising pleasant smooth taste out of a dark roast, with little to no bitterness, go figure. First time buying a true organic coffee, this coffee is so good I already ordered 2 more…..highly highly recommend.


A friend of mine turned me on to this company since they know how much of a coffee fanatic I am. I am a diehard fan of my espresso maker, to date I have tried all of The Exotic Beans coffees except Decaf. I was paying a lot more for my gourmet coffees from some of the best roasters in the country, Peet’s, La Columbe, Counter Culture just to name a few. These coffees pale in comparison to the taste & quality of these Thailand coffee beans. Not sure what these guys are doing but their coffee is untouchable even when compared to coffees that cost twice as much. I like them all but I really like their Medium roast, Angels espresso as well as their Estate blend. Take it from an experience coffee roaster, these coffees from The Exotic Bean are worth every penny they sell for. You cannot go wrong with any of them. Highly recommend!!!!