The Exotic Bean
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Absolutely LOVE the Angels Espresso, it has changed my espresso life. Love the hints of chocolate followed by an array of other fantastic flavors; all with no bitterness!


What else can be said about this coffee that prior reviews have not touched upon. This may be one of if not the best coffee I have ever brewed, yes it’s that good. Shipping was fast, very professional to deal with, highly recommend!!!


WOW…….this coffee was a real surprise wasn’t sure what to expect when I ordered it based on a friends recommendation. This is the only coffee I have ever purchased that I can honestly say holds up to my rigorous standards. I made it as an espresso, french press, pour over, cold brew, you name it I tried my hardest to find a flaw, never found one. Not sure why the whole coffee world has not discovered The Exotic Bean but they have a fantastic product they should be proud of. Finally not the same old, same old. Will buy again, cannot wait to try other offerings. If they are anything like this I may have found the holy grail of coffee.


A friend gave me this coffee as a birthday present, wasn’t quite sure what to expect since I have been drinking the same coffee for years. I knew I was in for a treat just from the smell of the beans themselves but that sometimes can be misleading. Not this time, this coffee has a near perfect blend of flavors, hints of citrus, cocoa all while providing a smooth cup with no bitterness. Good stuff!!


Well this has opened my eyes, not sure if this is just a special coffees or have all the other coffees I have tried were just that bad? I am a numbers person so I am going to go with this coffee is exceptional. Love the natural flavors this coffee has plus it’s less expensive than many others I have tried. Fantastic cup of coffee.


Stumbled up The Exotic Bean while online searching for different coffee than I had been drinking. Most dark roast coffees have an over roasted burnt taste to them but I just assumed that’s how they should taste. Well not this one, yes there is no doubt that it is a dark roast but the bitterness and over roasted tastes are gone. Now I am pissed I did not find this company sooner. Better late than never I guess.


Great rich flavor, not a hint of bitterness or acidity…….fantastic finish.

Ray C

Personally I do not drink Decaf but my husband does so I ordered for him. Most of the time Decafs are tasteless but not this one. When my husband first drank this coffee he complained to me that I must have made him caffeinated coffee by mistake. I reluctantly took a sip, immediately I was hit with a great tasting coffee with an array of great flavors. I had to pull the bag out of the cabinet to verify it truly was Decaf. I have since ordered other coffees from this company and let me tell you they are all great tasting.


I am extremely happy with my purchase of this espresso bean. The beans are fresh and some of the best I have ever tasted. I am a coffee snob and the members of my work group consume 6-7 pounds off coffee every month. We are currently working our way thru the whole line of Thai coffees from The Exotic Bean. So far they are all awesome.


This is probably the best tasting all around coffee I have every found. It flavors are full of hints of citrus, dark chocolate, mocha all the while not exhibiting any bitterness or acidity associated with normal dark roasted coffees. I have put this bean thru the wringer. I have made as an espresso, french press, drip, pour over this darn thing blows anything else I have ever tried away. This is one darn good coffee.


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