The Exotic Bean


Great coffee, full flavor, surprising pleasant smooth taste out of a dark roast, with little to no bitterness, go figure. First time buying a true organic coffee, this coffee is so good I already ordered 2 more…..highly highly recommend.


A friend of mine turned me on to this company since they know how much of a coffee fanatic I am. I am a diehard fan of my espresso maker, to date I have tried all of The Exotic Beans coffees except Decaf. I was paying a lot more for my gourmet coffees from some of the best roasters in the country, Peet’s, La Columbe, Counter Culture just to name a few. These coffees pale in comparison to the taste & quality of these Thailand coffee beans. Not sure what these guys are doing but their coffee is untouchable even when compared to coffees that cost twice as much. I like them all but I really like their Medium roast, Angels espresso as well as their Estate blend. Take it from an experience coffee roaster, these coffees from The Exotic Bean are worth every penny they sell for. You cannot go wrong with any of them. Highly recommend!!!!


This is an excellent coffee. I have traveled to Thailand on several occasions and tried different coffee there. Thai coffee is smooth yet robust. I am by no means a coffee expert but you cannot go wrong with this. Gave a bag to my cousin for Christmas and he was ecstatic to receive it. Not many people know that Thailand produces great coffee but it’s not readily available in the US. Way to go The Exotic Bean, you have a family of forever believers now.


Fantastic coffee, bought due to referral from friend who is a long time customer. This Peaberry coffee may be one of the best coffees I have ever had. Being an espresso drinker I rely on a high quality coffee cannot hide any weakness, such as bitterness or acidity. Great array of flavors of chocolate, berries & hints of citrus just like listed. Ordered medium roast and their espresso blend as well, will post those reviews as well. Will buy again…..


Nice deep chocolately flavor, loved the smell when I opened the box. Smooth taste, no bitterness, amazing coffee!! Ordered two more right away….highly recommend!!!


What are you waiting for! I highly recommend getting the sample pack. You get 4 (although they actually sent us 5) great coffees to try. A great opportunity to try some outstanding coffees. After our sample pack we set up a monthly subscription of Estate Blend, a slight favorite: we liked them all. The one downside: if we travel and can’t bring our own coffee-making set up, the coffee we can get doesn’t compare with our Estate Blend.

Michael Babcock

OMG, I have so missed this Thailand peaberry coffee. It has been out of stock for a bit while the company was switching to a different farm in Thailand. I was so stoked to see they had it back in stock that I ordered 3-lbs. The first sip was heavenly, so smooth yet full bodied. My girlfriend came home, wondered why I was so happy and wired, my response was “my favorite coffee is back in stock, it’s better than ever”!! I am going to sign up for the subscription to take advantage of the savings. I am not one for reviews but I had to on this one. Highly, highly recommend!!!


If you have never had this companies Thailand Peaberry you have been missing out. The taste is right up there with the famous Jamaican Blue Mountain at a 3rd of the cost, while having fuller, brighter notes. This is truly an excellent coffee at a fantastic price.


This Thai Dark roast is hands down the best coffee I have ever tasted, everyone in our house absolutely loves it.


This is smoothest dark roast I have ever tasted, that’s saying a lot. Not only do I consider myself a coffee geek but I have drank my share of coffees & this Thai Dark roast topes them all. High recommend. Drinking their Peaberry now, another special brew, well wroth the price, actually it’s a bargain considered these are true 16oz/1-b bags not the bogus 12oz bags everyone else is selling.