The Exotic Bean
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I loved this coffee. The beans were fresh and oily with an awesome full non-bitter taste. One of the best coffees I have tried to date. Will definitely be buying this again.


This Peaberry is an incredible coffee…I highly recommend it, great flavors, great taste, you wind up getting it over and over, yes it’s that good!!!


I loved this coffee as well as their medium roast. This peaberry had a complex and interesting flavor, well worth the price!!!!


I can honestly say this Peaberry coffee is the best tasting coffee I have ever so far…..being 65 years old, that is saying a lot.


This is without a doubt the best Decaf I have ever tasted. My wife bought this for me and I had to check to verify it was actually a Decaf, yes it tasted that darn good.


I have to admit Peaberry coffees are my favorite, most though are either way too expensive or just too bitter. A friend of mine told me about The Exotic Bean’s Thailand Peaberry so I decided to give it a try. First off their shipping department is downright fast. I placed the order, it was shipped out same day, it arrived two days later, WOW.

Well when I first opened the box the smell was captivating to say the least, when I ground it, the smell was even better. Being an espresso guy I threw some into my espresso maker anxiously waiting to see if this coffee tasted as good as it smelled. Ha, that was an understatement, this is hands down the best Peaberry coffee I have ever tasted, it may quite possibly be the best coffee I have ever tasted. Full bodied taste, hints of citrus & chocolate just like the description states. I hurried up and ordered three more bags for fear of them raising the price. On average the other Peaberry coffees I have tried were all over $25.00+ per pound, this is a steal at this price. Highly recommend.


Peaberry coffee has become my favorite and I’ve been trying A LOT of different beans over the last year. Hands down, and with no hesitation, I can say these are the best I have ever tried. I use a French Press, and also cold brew, and it seems each brew is better than the last. The beans arrive freshly roasted, well packed, and quickly. I’ll be buying these beans as long as they are available.


It’s hard to find triple certified coffees, i.e. certified organic, direct trade, and bird friendly. Tried other triple cert coffees, none were satisfactory, until we tried Paradise Mountain dark roast. We love it, and have been buying from The Exotic Bean for almost a year now. Their coffee is always fresh with a rich full bodied flavor. This coffee fills the bill, plus the price is by far the best I have ever come across for coffee of this quality.


My friend referred me to this company so I knew they had awesome coffees but I had no idea which one to order then I saw they had this sample pack to try. When I received my order as soon as I opened the box & the incredible smell hit me I knew I was in for a treat. Only problem now is that since they all taste so good I have to decide which one’s to order. Maybe I will order two different one’s a month?

Ellin Jones

Excellent coffee, will order many more. Smithsonian migratory bird friendly is very important in order to protect the natural growing environment for true organic coffees.