The Exotic Bean


My friend referred me to this company so I knew they had awesome coffees but I had no idea which one to order then I saw they had this sample pack to try. When I received my order as soon as I opened the box & the incredible smell hit me I knew I was in for a treat. Only problem now is that since they all taste so good I have to decide which one’s to order. Maybe I will order two different one’s a month?

Ellin Jones

Excellent coffee, will order many more. Smithsonian migratory bird friendly is very important in order to protect the natural growing environment for true organic coffees.


This espresso makes an awesome cup of coffee, maybe the best dark roast I have found to date. Finally a dark roast with rich flavors, no bitterness, very little acidity and deep dark array of flavors. Will buy again, highly recommend!!!!


If you never tasted coffee that comes from the jungles of Thailand then you’ve missed out on tasting the best coffee in the world. The jungle climate is exactly what a good coffee tree needs to produce ripe, red coffee berries. For me, I’ll drink no other coffee than Paradise Mountain Organic coffee from The Exotic Bean!

David Hawes

I bought this sample pack after reading about their awesome coffees, not sure of which one I wanted since they all sounded so good. I am now in love with The Exotic Beans organic Thailand coffees,they are all so good, now I cannot figure which ones I want to order.


Having already been a real fan of what I consider the best coffees in the world, what a better gift to give for the holidays than a gift certificate. I already ordered four, will make great stocking stuffers as well as office gifts.

TJ Henderson

Was having trouble finding something special for my secret Santa at work, not anymore. What a great idea for gift for someone that is difficult to shop for.

Sean P

All I have to say is that this is the best damn dark roasted coffee I have ever tasted and trust me I have tasted a lot of different coffees. The flavors and lack of bitterness blows me away. Now that they have gift certificates I know what I am giving the coffee lovers in my family for Christmas. Try this coffee you will not be disappointed……A++++ seller as well.


So glad this company now offers gift certificates. I already love their coffees so I figured what better gift to give to my friends & family so they can enjoy what I have been for years now. Thanks The Exotic Bean coffee….


A few years back I decided to make the switch to only drinking organic coffees, considering some of the chemicals they use when growing most coffees I knew I had to switch to full organic. Not only are these coffee beans USDA certified organic (gold standard) they are Smithsonian bird friendly (highest shade grown certification) as well. At first I was a little put off because I am used to bitter dark roasts, this was so smooth I was skeptical that this was even a dark roast. Well I decided to give it a few more days then a profound change came over, I realized all of the other coffees I had been drinking such as Peet’s, La Columbe, Zeek’s to name a few were crap. This is not only a delicious dark roast it is smooth with little bitterness or acidity. Now I have a bigger problem, I am so used to the taste and smoothness of this coffee I cannot drink anything else.

Mark S