The Exotic Bean
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Heard good reports from a friend about this companies Thai coffees so I gave them a try. When I first opened the box the smell was intoxicating could not wait to grind my first cup. Not only was this coffee exceptional I was upset that what I thought was good coffee before was not. Oh well, better late than never. Highly recommend!!!

Susan Nickerson

This is excellent coffee. I have tried the dark , medium and the peaberry, they are all fantastic. The medium roast is very smooth and not bitter but still retains lots of yummy flavors. Thai coffee is a well kept secret in the US. I have been to Thailand twice and I am convinced Thai coffee is some of the best in the world.


We have been purchasing this coffee for the past year. It is hands down the best coffee we have ever had. Love it and would recommend it to anyone. Get it whole, because you get the best taste and aroma this way when you grind it

Sharon & Alex

My doctor recently told me to switch over to Decaf. At first I thought it would not be that big a deal, wow was I wrong. Every Decaf I had tried to date tasted watered down, worse yet I did some research and discovered most companies use high pressure water and dangerous chemicals to decaffeinate the coffee bean. When I discovered The Exotic Bean used the Swiss water method I had to try. Well my faith in good tasting coffee has been restored. This Paradise Mountain decaf tastes just like the old full bodied caffeinated coffees I used to drink with one major exception, this coffee Tastes freakin awesome!!!


This Estate Blend is one awesome coffee will get it again. Just starting to take a tour of all of The Exotic Beans coffees, next up their Angels Espresso.


I loved this coffee. The beans were fresh and oily with an awesome full non-bitter taste. One of the best coffees I have tried to date. Will definitely be buying this again.


This Peaberry is an incredible coffee…I highly recommend it, great flavors, great taste, you wind up getting it over and over, yes it’s that good!!!


I loved this coffee as well as their medium roast. This peaberry had a complex and interesting flavor, well worth the price!!!!


I can honestly say this Peaberry coffee is the best tasting coffee I have ever so far…..being 65 years old, that is saying a lot.


This is without a doubt the best Decaf I have ever tasted. My wife bought this for me and I had to check to verify it was actually a Decaf, yes it tasted that darn good.