The Exotic Bean


Living in Hawaii I’ve been a fan of Kona peaberry for years, but I confess that this organic Thai Peaberry is much richer with a deep sweetness that seems too big for such a small package. I actually buy 2-3 a month from these guys!!!


The aroma of this coffee is wonderful in the morning when I am still wondering what in the world I am doing up so early, smooth taste, full bodied….A+++++


superb coffee!!!!


This coffee was very good, very rich…worth every penny.


Coffee from Thailand is not easy to find, I was thrilled to find it on Amazon, sold thru The Exotic Bean. This was my first time trying the Peaberry and I can honestly say it was a wonderful surprise. It has a unique flavor, different from all of the other coffees I have tried on Amazon. I can now honestly say this is now my favorite go to coffee. We use a French Press or Chemex at home and this coffee did not disappoint. Highly recommended!!!!


Having lived in Chiang Mai, Thailand I knew they grow some really tasty coffee. It is hard to find in the US so I was very happy to see it available on Amazon. Both this Peaberry version and the standard split bean medium roast are excellent coffees, they both are very smooth, full of complex flavors. This is truly an exceptional coffee.


I love this medium roast Thai coffee. I normally drink grocery store stuff but on a recommendation of a friend of mine I decided to give this a try. Well, I will drink the grocery stuff no longer, this coffee is smooth, not bitter and full of flavor. Plus you can beat the fast free shipping!!!


Smells heavenly and tastes so flavorful, yet smooth without a hint of bitterness. I’ve tried other “smooth” coffees (several in fact) and they seem to have the flavor removed and are still bitter. I don’t know what’s different about this one but it is so smooth, very flavorful with hints of citrus, which is key if you prefer black coffee. I cannot imagine how tasty this would be with cream & sugar. A special coffee, truly to be enjoyed.


Having already been a fan of this companies Thai medium roast I decided to give their dark roast a try. So glad I did, this is an excellent tasting dark roast, not bitter, does not taste burnt or over roasted like many dark roasts do. Good stuff…


Great taste, no harsh aftertaste like many dark roasts…..will buy again.