The Exotic Bean


I fell in love with the Chiapas coffee from Mexico years ago but lately no one
seems to carry it. That is until now. The Exotic Beans’ “Mayan Winds” coffees are
exactly what I have been looking for. Better yet, they are always in stock and
much cheaper than what I used to pay. What’s the old saying, “when one door
closes, other one opens”. Not sure if it was meant to apply to coffee but hey I’m

Kathleen H. - Shoals, AL

Coffee from Southeast Asia …… yeah right!!! Well I surely was in for a surprise.
Whenever I order now, I routinely switch between the Thai & Lao coffees. I am
such of fan of their coffees my friends get tired of me ranting and raving about
them. I’m considering asking The Exotic Bean for a referral fee.

Craig F. - Herndon, VA

Being a creature of habit, I am not one to change things much, especially my
morning java. One morning I happened to be at a friends house enjoying a cup of
coffee. Well, I was in for a rude awakening. The coffee we were drinking tasted
like nothing I have ever had before. Since then I have been a diehard fan of The
Exotic Bean and their vast array of unique coffees.

Sean K. - Laredo TX

What a brilliant move mixing their finest Thai coffee beans with the famous
Chiapas beans from Mexico. The Mayan Winds “Native Sun” coffee has such a rich &
nuanced flavor, the highlight of my morning. A truly great cup of coffee!!

Michelle L. - Chicago, IL

Their Lao Peaberry is one of the finest tasting coffees I have had in a very long
time. Reminds me a lot of Jamaican Blue Mountain but at a fraction of the cost.
Now I can enjoy the smooth, rich taste and not worry about putting a huge dent
in my wallet. What a pleasant find.

Steve M. - Laporte, CO

I’ve ordered from the Exotic Bean several times now. I noticed after my first order
that whenever I would re-order three items or more they would always surprise
me with a “free” bag of their coffee beans from another region. The first time this
happened I immediately called and got the owner Mike on the phone. I told him I
was upset that I was going to be charged for something I did not order. He
laughed and says he gets this call all the time. It turns out that for his repeat
customers he sometimes enjoys sending them a surprise gift. I cannot wait to see
what I get on with my next order. Thanks Mike you’ve earned a lifelong

Mary W. - Chino Hills, CA

Two words ……… .fantastic coffee!!

Toni J. - Severna Park, MD

When I lived overseas I used to visit frequently many different coffee bars trying
various coffees from around the world. However, it was not until I came back to
the States a friend told me about the Thai coffee from the Exotic Bean. By far the
most flavorful coffee I have encountered. I’m hooked.

Alma R. - Queens, NY

I pride myself on only buying high-quality organically grown coffee beans.
Wow, what a find The Exotic Bean has been. I have tried most of their products,
and I have to say, they are hands down some of the best coffees I have ever

Rob I. - Miami, FL

We were looking for something special here and we found it. We usually drink Green Mountain coffee but no more. This coffee was full of bold yet smooth tastes, with a nice caffeine rush. Great cup of coffee!!!!

Steve Young