The Exotic Bean


I met Mike at the Farmer’s Market in Sykesville, MD. Super passionate guy about his coffee; he put the Thailand Peaberry in my hands and guaranteed that it was the best coffee I would ever drink and he was absolutely right. I don’t know how to go back to anything else now. When you think of coffee; aroma, taste, body, smoothness, richness – the Peaberry is what I want every single time.

joseph uher

Been waiting for this coffee’s arrival for quite some time, it’s finally here….it was well worth the wait. This coffee not only makes a smooth full-bodied cup it is right up there with the Thai Peaberry and that’s saying a lot. This Laos Peaberry has a taste profile similar to but much better than Hawaiian Kona at 1/4th cost. Highly recommend!!!!!

Sarah H

What else can be said about this coffee other than it is smooth, full bodied with a full array of delicious flavors. My search for the holy grail of coffees is over, nothing comes close. Do yourself a favor, try this coffee, you will not regret it.

Lou U

Not really an espresso drinker but my friend kept raving about this coffee so I bought it just to shut him up. I should have known better considering he is a coffee connoisseur. I’ve now made this coffee as a drip, cold brew & French press, all were outstanding. Not too dark, not too light just a perfect blend for a fantastic cup of coffee. No I have to hear my friend say “I told you so”.

Nancy P

Being a dark roast enthusiast, I consider myself pretty knowledgeable about coffee. Prior to trying this out I was fervid fan of Death Wish coffee, well no longer. Most dark roast coffees are bitter and acidic which I thought that was common for dark roasts, until now that is. I knew I was in for a treat as soon as I opened the bag, the smell was heavenly. This bean not only has the full-bodied dark taste I was looking for, but it did so with a smooth clean finish. Highly recommend!!!!

Kathy R

Being a creature of habit, I rarely ever change from my normal tried and true, especially with my morning coffee. A friend of mine gave a pound of this coffee to me as a gift. Once I opened the bag and the wonderful scent hit me I knew I was in for something special. Most medium roasts are either too dark or too light, this one was perfect. The true test was going to be brewing it. The first cup was an eye-opening experience. I figured I would drink it for a few days then switch back to my old coffee. When I do so I realized how superior of a cup this bean made. I’m sold now, even started a subscription in order to save some money.

Anthony M

Due to health issues my doctor told me I had to go on decaf. When I started to drink most of the top brand decaf’s they all fell flat, with little body & taste, it got to the point that I almost gave up coffee for good. I traveled to Thailand and came across a fantastic decaf while eating breakfast. To be honest I never knew Thailand has coffee, especially not good coffee. When I arrived home I searched for Thailand coffee which how I discovered The Exotic Bean Coffee so I immediately ordered a pound of their decaf. I couldn’t believe it not only was it better than what I had in Thailand it was actually a lower price. Now I get to have my normal coffee taste without the strain on my heart. I told my doctor about it now he recommends it to all of his coffee drinking patients. BTW, these guys are great to deal with, they usual ship me fresh roasted coffee the same day I order it. Great customer service.

Dennis P

When I discovered The Exotic Bean coffee I wasn’t sure whether to order medium roast or dark roast? Upon reading the description I discovered this was a 50/50 mix of both, so that is what I chose. The smells that emanate from the bag as soon as you open it were wonderful, but brewing would be the true test. Well this passed the test with flying colors from the first sip, been ordering 2lbs per month for the past 6 months. What a great find!!!

Mark L

Well this has opened my eyes, not sure if this is just a special coffees or have all the other coffees I have tried were just that bad? I am a numbers person so I am going to go with this coffee is exceptional. Love the natural flavors this coffee has plus it’s less expensive than many others I have tried. Fantastic cup of coffee.


My friend swears by this coffee. I got so tired of him talking about it I figured I might as well find out for myself. I had my doubts, Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee drinker so I questioned the validity of his claims for a coffee that is only $25 per pound compared to my normal coffee that costs me $70-$80 per pound. Not only do I now feel stupid but I feel ripped off as well. This Thailand Peaberry coffee makes a far superior cup of coffee for far less money. I’ve tried to find a flaw with this bean but I cannot. It holds up well as an espresso, french press & even as a drip coffee. Trust me I tried to find a flaw in this bean just to validate all the years I’ve spent ungodly amounts of money on coffee. This coffee is A+++++++ rated. Don’t let the price fool you, its worth way more than what they are asking. High recommend.

Benjamin R

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