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This is probably the best tasting all around coffee I have every found. It flavors are full of hints of citrus, dark chocolate, mocha all the while not exhibiting any bitterness or acidity associated with normal dark roasted coffees. I have put this bean thru the wringer. I have made as an espresso, french press, drip, pour over this darn thing blows anything else I have ever tried away. This is one darn good coffee.


This is the coffee that restored my faith in coffee. I thought maybe I have no clue how to brew good coffee. Despite my best efforts it always came out too bitter or tasted over roasted. My search is done, trying their peaberry now, hard to believe this is even better than their medium roast. Where has The Exotic Bean been hiding this Paradise Mountain organic coffee?


Great coffee!!!! Very pleasantly surprised, it is smooth, rich with great flavors without the usual Asian earthiness. Have ordered seven times already, fast shipping, fresh product what else can you ask for?


It’s hard to find triple certified coffees, i.e. certified organic, fair trade, and bird friendly. Tried other triple cert coffees, none were satisfactory, until we tried Paradise Mountain dark roast. We love it, and have been buying from The Exotic Bean for almost a year now. Their coffee is always fresh with a rich full bodied flavor. This coffee fills the bill, this coffee is well worth a try.


This is the very best coffee I have had in many years. I grew up on Peet’s but over the years their taste and quality has fallen short. I tried a few east coast brands like Zeke’s, Brand X from Whole Foods, Counter Culture just to name a few, but they all fell miserably short borderline gross. I have recently discovered the cure for my coffee woes, it’s called Paradise Mountain Peaberry coffee from Thailand. Thanks to The Exotic Bean I now have an extremely reliable, honest, high quality vendor to ensure delivery of the best coffee I have had in years.


I have to admit Peaberry coffees are my favorite, most though are either way too expensive or just too bitter. A friend of mine told me about The Exotic Bean’s Thailand Peaberry so I decided to give it a try. First off their shipping department is downright fast. I placed the order, it was shipped out same day, it arrived two days later, WOW.

Well when I first opened the box the smell was captivating to say the least, when I ground it, the smell was even better. Being an espresso guy I threw some into my espresso maker anxiously waiting to see if this coffee tasted as good as it smelled. Ha, that was an understatement, this is hands down the best Peaberry coffee I have ever tasted, it may quite possibly be the best coffee I have ever tasted. Full bodied taste, hints of citrus & chocolate just like the description states. I hurried up and ordered three more bags for fear of them raising the price. On average the other Peaberry coffees I have tried were all over $23.00 per pound, this is a steal at this price. Highly recommend.


First time ordering from this company, a close coffee geek friend of mine highly recommended their Thai coffees. Unsure of what I would like I ordered three different coffees, Peaberry, Medium roast and their Angels Espresso. First impression, fast shipping and an absolute captivating smell as soon as I opened the box, I knew I was in for a treat. All three of these coffees were exceptional each in their own unique way. I will be a customer forever and will be telling the rest of my friends about this hidden gem, The Exotic Bean.


My doctor recently told me to switch over to Decaf. At first I thought it would not be that big a deal, wow was I wrong. Every Decaf I had tried to date tasted watered down, worse yet I did some research and discovered most companies use high pressure water and dangerous chemicals to decaffeinate the coffee bean. When I discovered The Exotic Bean used the Swiss water method I had to try. Well my faith in good tasting coffee has been restored. This Paradise Mountain decaf tastes just like the old full bodied caffeinated coffees I used to drink with one major exception, this coffee Tastes freakin awesome!!!


Very smooth coffee, not bitter nor acidic. When freshly brewed has a full body with hints of citrus, sweet aroma and taste. We really really like it.


Awesome coffee, well worth the price, this sort of taste and quality does not come cheap. Honestly though this coffee is so good it may be priced too low. No worries I am not telling The Exotic Bean that!


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