The Exotic Bean
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I only drink dark roast and this is the best dark roast I have ever tasted. The Thailand Dark Roast is a very, very close second.


Wow what a great find, a dark roast that doesn’t taste bitter and actually has flavor! Already recommended to all of my friends, good stuff.


Nice rich, smooth rich flavor with a slightly sweet taste just like the description says. Makes an awesome cup of coffee. Highly recommend!!


Very smooth, great taste….cannot get enough. Not a bit bitter with no acidity feeling in my stomach. I cannot wait to try their other coffees as well. Highly recommend!!!


This is no doubt the best espresso dark roast I have ever tasted. Smooth, creamy, chocolate initial taste followed by an array of wonderful flavors, not a hint of bitterness. Glad I found these guys….great coffee.


Smells heavenly and tastes so flavorful, yet smooth without a hint of bitterness. I’ve tried many other smooth coffees on Amazon but they sometimes seem to have the flavor removed, but not this one. It blows you away with its array of flavors, between citrus and chocolate yet it still maintains it’s smoothness which is really important when yo drink your coffee black. Highly recommend, would give six stars.


I had to check the bag twice to make sure this was a Decaf, it’s that good. Not some typical watered down Decaf most other companies sell, plus they us the best “Swiss Water” process so I know it’s chemical free. Great job, The Exotic Bean


Wow….this was a very nice coffee, very complex and full of flavors, very smooth, will by again


Great organic peaberry, very tasty, delightful ownership as well.


Very good dark roast, would have given 5 stars but I prefer their Peaberry which is truly a star rated coffee.


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