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What Is Single Origin Coffee and Why Is It Better?

What Is Single Origin Coffee?

single origin coffee

As the name would imply, single origin coffee comes from a single location. This means that if you buy single origin coffee from a specific source, it is possible to know the exact farm where the coffee beans that created your coffee came from.

It’s important to note that there are different levels of single origin coffee. Single origin coffee could mean that all your coffee comes from a general geographic region, a collective of farms, or a specific farm. In some cases, you can even drill down to the exact microlot on the farm where your individual beans came from, making coffee drinking a little bit more like wine collecting than you may have thought possible.

One popular type of coffee that you may be hearing about more and more lately is single origin coffee. So what is single origin coffee and why do people who drink it prefer it? Read on to find out more about one of the newer trends in the world of coffee: single-origin coffee beans.

Why Is Single Origin Coffee Better?

Some people feel that the soil that coffee beans grow out of has a significant effect on the taste. There also may be methods that particular farmers use that create a distinct flavor. Again referencing wine cultivation methods and collecting, think of these elements as a kind of “terroir,” only related to coffee rather than grapes or wine.

By choosing the same single origin coffee every time, you help ensure that you get exactly the taste that you prefer. In addition, you ensure that you are getting pure coffee, and not a blend of beans that may hail from several different farms or locations.

single origin coffee

What’s the Difference Between Single Origin Coffee, Direct Trade Coffee, and Fair Trade Coffee?

While your single origin coffee may be Fair Trade, it doesn’t necessarily have to be. Fair Trade coffee simply means that your coffee has been certified by Fairtrade International. This neutral regulatory body makes sure that small coffee growers are receiving wages and profits that are as fair as those that large growers receive. Certified Fair Trade coffee growers also have to meet other established standards with respect to labor and environmental concerns.

If the farm where your single origin coffee comes from does not subscribe to Fairtrade International’s regulations, then it will not be Fair Trade coffee, although it can still be organic or direct trade. In fact, direct trade coffee is often not fair trade coffee because direct trade does not deal with many in the supply chain who are affected by Fair Trade regulations, like importers and wholesalers.

Direct trade coffee simply means that the roaster is dealing directly with the farm that grows the coffee, cutting out all middlemen in the process. While single origin coffee doesn’t have to be direct trade, it usually is because dealing direct is the best way to ensure that all your coffee is coming from a single source.

Where Can I Buy Single Origin Coffee Right Now?

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