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What’s So Special About Peaberry Coffee?

Peaberry Coffee: The Unique, Lone Coffee Bean

peaberry coffee

Most of the coffee you purchase from your local grocery store is made from standard coffee beans, which grow two in a pod, or “cherry.” As a result, if you look at the typical coffee bean, you will see that it is rounded on one side and flat on the other.

But there are instances where only one bean grows in the pod. It’s a rather rare occurrence that only affects about 5% of the world’s coffee beans. When this happens, the lone coffee bean is what’s known as a peaberry bean.

Peaberry beans are smaller than their twin cousins and as a result, they tend to be sweeter and more flavorful. After all, they don’t have to share any of their flavor-building resources with a sibling. And because of its sophisticated flavor profile, coffee that’s made from peaberry beans is cherished by coffee connoisseurs around the world and arguably considered the very best available.

How Peaberry Coffee Beans Are Harvested

If coffee farmers knew how to grow peaberry coffee beans, they would be more readily available. But there is simply no way to tell whether a cherry has two beans inside of it or one unless it’s hand-sorted after picking and processing. All too often, any peaberry beans that are in a harvest get picked, processed, and sold for roasting right alongside their standard counterparts. This is a shame because this means the world is missing out on the best coffee the planet likely has to offer.

But some growers have more patience and foresight because they understand the potential this premium bean has to offer. These growers hand-sort their beans to separate the peaberry beans from the mass of standard beans. Because of the rarity of peaberry beans, the amount of labor that goes into harvesting them, and the impeccable and complex flavor profile they offer, growers can then sell them at a premium.

What Does Peaberry Coffee Taste Like?

Some say that you’ve never really had a cup of coffee until you’ve had a cup of peaberry coffee. Unlike coffee made from standard beans, peaberry coffee is smooth, rich, and bold with less acid. It contains flavor compounds that are unique to the region where the beans were grown and harvested. For instance, peaberry beans from Thailand will often carry hints of honeysuckle, citrus, and chocolate.

At The Exotic Bean, we’re proud to bring our discerning customers premium peaberry coffee from some of the best organic farms in Laos and Thailand. The nutrient rich soil of this region and its humid tropical climate are responsible for producing some of the very best coffee in the world. And the peaberry bean that comes from it is the best of the best.

Try Peaberry Coffee Today and Experience True Coffee for the First Time

The Exotic Bean provides you with the opportunity to purchase single origin peaberry coffee that’s packaged at the source. This approach guarantees the maximum freshness and flavor in your coffee, and when you’re purchasing peaberry coffee, you should expect only the best.

If you love coffee, then why not treat yourself to the ultimate cup? Peaberry coffee is a one-of-a-kind luxury that will transform how you think about coffee. Order yourself a bag of this premium coffee today and rediscover your love for coffee all over again.