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Everything You Need to Know About Coffee From Thailand

Coffee From Thailand: Some of the Best Coffee Around

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If you’re a fan of gourmet coffee, then chances are strong that you are nearly always looking out for new beans and varieties to try. After all, there is a whole world of coffee flavor out there, and many true coffee enthusiasts want to taste all of it.

These days, one of the fastest and most prominent coffee-growing areas of the world that is enjoying a surge in popularity is Thailand. Maybe you’re a tried and true coffee aficionado, but you’re not yet familiar with Thailand coffee? Worry not; we’ve got all you need to know. To understand the marvels of imported Thailand coffee, you first have to understand the region around Chiang Mai.

A Coffee Guide to Chiang Mai, Thailand’s Coffee Capital

Thailand has gone from a non-entity in the coffee world before the 1970s to being regarded as one of the top three coffee producing countries in Asia. Why the sudden and growing interest in Thailand coffee?

The popularity of Thailand coffee has to be credited in large part to Chiang Mai in Northern Thailand. Famous for Buddhist temples and coffee, Chiang Mai boasts Thailand’s greatest arabica production, contributing to a large part of the over half a million 60-kilogram bags of coffee that Thailand can export in a year.

Chiang Mai’s contribution to the coffee boom can be traced back to 1969, when King Bhumibol Adulyadej created the Thai Royal Project to incentivize investment in sustainable industries like coffee growing. The goal was to provide a positive alternative to growing opium, and it worked.

People fell in love with Thailand coffee due to its sustainable roots and unique taste. Now, coffee fans visiting Thailand regularly make a pilgrimage to this beautiful city to try a homemade cup of their savory blends.

About Coffee From Thailand

The taste of Southeast Asian coffee is one that some may say is acquired, while others may say that when they get a taste for it, they cannot do without it.

People flock to get sustainable coffee from places like the Nacha farm, located in Chiang Mai, processed using a painstaking process to ensure quality which involves only picking ripe beans, rather than picking everything at once and sorting out the gems form the duds. These beans are also sun-dried, which may contribute to their unique taste.

Another attractive feature of this coffee is that it keeps the parchment around the bean and the pulp of the cherry to add an even more multi-layered taste sensation.

Fair Trade Organic Coffee From Exotic Bean

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We offer a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee when it comes to our Thailand Coffee. We know that if you love Southeast Asian coffees, we have something really special for you. Please take a look at our options and try some for yourself today.