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Coffee and Skin: You May Be Surprised by the Benefits

When It Comes to Your Skin, Coffee Is Queen

image of Coffee and Skin benefits

Coffee is truly one of nature’s greatest gifts to humankind. The feisty beverage perks us up when we are bleary eyed and stumbling around in our pajamas, and keeps us sharp at work all day long. But coffee can also have some surprising and awesome side benefits to your health, as well. Some of these amazing side effects include a few important dermatological benefits such as reducing under-eye puffiness, and what happens when you use coffee to rejuvenate skin cells.

Coffee has some potential negative side effects too, such as slight dehydration and jitteriness, but you can combat these not so fun issues by regularly drinking water, channeling that energy to good use, and limiting yourself to two cups of coffee a day.

Circulate, Circulate!

If coffee were a person, it would be great at networking because all it does is circulate! What we’re referring to is the fact that the caffeine in the beverage increases your blood flow. And this is good for your skin in many ways.

Mainly, the increased blood circulation leads to healthy and energized-looking skin. We all need a healthy flush in our cheeks in order to avoid looking like the walking dead. Drinking coffee is just one way this multi-talented beverage can enhance your skin; applying it externally in the form of a face mask or body scrub will also boost the glow of your body’s skin, leaving your face and body looking radiant and healthy.

image of using coffee as a face scrub

Coffee Scrub

Mix some ground coffee beans with melted coconut oil, sugar, and lemon essential oil to create your own at-home coffee body scrub. The coffee beans are water soluble, which means once you use water to wash it off, some of the caffeine from the coffee grounds will be absorbed into your skin.

This body scrub is beneficial for a few reasons:

  • the caffeine introduced into your skin will increase blood flow
  • the rough texture of the scrub will exfoliate dead skin cells
  • the process will make your skin feel fresh and smooth.

And if that’s not enough, then at least the coffee scrub will smell like delicious roasted coffee!

Coffee Facemask

If used as a facemask, coffee can brighten your skin’s tone and appearance, too. Just mix one tablespoon of ground coffee with two tablespoons of plain yogurt and apply liberally to your face. Leave the concoction on for about 15 minutes. Again, the caffeine present in the coffee will stimulate your skin, and the coffee grounds will also act as an exfoliate, so your face will be left looking smooth and bright.

image of Coffee Facemask

Unpack Eye Bags

Any type of caffeine will reduce under-eye puffiness, since one effect of caffeine is that it increases blood flow and skin elasticity. If you’re feeling in a do-it-yourself kind of mood, mix ground coffee beans with water to form a paste, and smear it underneath your eyes. Wait approximately 10 minutes, then rinse.

The caffeine from the coffee grounds should reduce the bags underneath your eyes. This occurs because the stimulant reduces the size of the blood vessels underneath your eyes, which is more visible due to the thinness of the skin there.

Coffee: More Uses Than You May Have Realized

Coffee is one of the most amazing natural wonders of the world, full of many health benefits and plenty of great taste, too. Not only can we drink it, but we can also use it in a variety of ways to increase our skin’s health.

Approximately 90% of the world consumes some form of caffeine, mostly in the form of coffee – so you and everyone else you know are in on one of the world’s greatest secrets. Coffee is a cure for almost anything. Happy drinking!

[Photos Via: The Cherry Share; Spafinder; Aryzauk]