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Guide to the Many Health Benefits of Coffee

Seriously, You Can Believe It: Coffee Is Healthy

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Really, coffee is good for you. And it’s actually surprisingly good for you, with many great health benefits that come along with making a daily habit of the drink. It’s hard for some people to believe how healthy coffee actually is, especially after decades of the medical establishment and alternative health practitioners working side by side to decry how bad it is for you.

And it’s true that straight caffeine, if and when abused, is not good for you. But the good news is that coffee is so healthy for you, given its multiple antioxidants and the rest of its health benefits, that the beverage’s healthfulness easily outweighs the little bit of caffeine that goes along with it. Here are a few of the many health benefits you can get from drinking coffee — so read on, tip your cup, and enjoy in good health!

Disease Resistance

That’s right, researchers have found compounds in coffee that can help boost your resistance to a variety of diseases. Coffee has been found to help people ward off type two diabetes in middle and old age. Coffee has also been shown to diminish and ward off the effects of Parkinson’s disease. Last, it’s further been shown to help ward off liver cancer and liver disease (such as cirrhosis).

This could be particularly good news for heavy drinkers who might automatically reach for the coffee the morning after a rough night, though we don’t recommend binge drinking just because you have coffee the next morning, obviously.

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Heart Health

Recent research in Europe and in the U.S. has shown that life-long coffee drinkers are less susceptible to heart failure than non-coffee drinkers. Furthermore coffee, when consumed in moderation, can actually help those with heart disease stave off the inevitable.

Energy, Fat, and Performance

Due primarily to its overall stimulating effects, coffee has been shown to increase energy levels, which in turn can boost mental and physical performance by large degrees. Coffee can help you be smarter and more productive in your workouts. Additionally, coffee has been shown to be an effective fat-burner all on its own.

Prolonged coffee drinking has even been shown to help in the fight against dementia, including the dementia associated with Alzheimer’s disease.

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Drink Coffee and Be Happy

With all these health benefits, there’s little reason to turn down a second cup of coffee these days. And while many of these health benefits can also be gained by consuming decaf, the presence of caffeine seems to have no compromising effect on the health benefits of moderate coffee consumption.

So drink coffee and be happy, especially because coffee has also been shown to combat depression and other forms of mental illness. Or just be happy because coffee is one less thing you have to worry about!

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