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10 Amazingly Delicious Spring Coffee Drinks

Spring Coffee Lovers: These Are the Drinks You’re Soon to Be Craving

spring coffee drinks

Spring is almost here, and that means a host of amazing new coffee drinks for you to try. Just like the new season, these coffee drinks are sure to capture the spirit of nature and new life in every tasty sip. Here are ten delicious coffee drinks for you to check out for spring.

Three for Spring From Peace Coffee

  1. Peace Coffee brings us three great spring drink suggestions, starting with Found My Thrill, as in “on Blueberry Hill.” It’s Café Con Miel, which is a Spanish coffee that includes vanilla, cinnamon and nutmeg, and throws in blueberry, lavender and honey syrup. Mmm… Springy!
  2. They also suggest the Mai Pen Rai: a Thai coffee with lemongrass, Thai basil, sparkling water and cold press coffee. This coffee will whisk you away to your happy place and it’s the perfect thing to sip while enjoying a cool spring breeze.
  3. Finally, there’s the Roman Holiday, as in the Audrey Hepburn movie, which is an espresso drink with candied lemon zest, half and half and ice. The perfect spring refresher!

Ready to Experiment? Serious Eats Has Coffee Drinks for Spring!

  1. The Serious Eats blog has a few spring coffee suggestions of their own, for everyone who translates spring to mean: time to start experimenting with espresso. Their first suggestion is the Espresso Cortado, a sort of caffe latte-light, with a 1-to-1 coffee to steamed milk ratio served in a glass, not a mug.
  2. Next up is the classic Iced Americano, iced coffee for the espresso lover. If you’re a fan of espresso and you haven’t tried this well-known iced favorite, springtime is the perfect opportunity to give it a go.
  3. Finally, the Sidecar. Not the alcoholic beverage, but a unique way to enjoy espresso for spring, with a double shot in two demitasse cups, one regular espresso, and the other with steamed milk, macchiato style.
spring coffee drinks

Affogato Al Caffe This Spring, Anyone?

  1. The Martinez Fine Coffees Blog has a delightful suggestion for your next spring beverage, the Affogato Al Caffe. If you speak Italian, you’re probably already drooling, as this is essentially an ice cream float made with coffee. Just add espresso to a scoop of vanilla bean ice cream and yum!

Marigold Mocha Is Here!

  1. The Hotwire Coffee Blog rounds out our spring coffee suggestions with their “Spring’ish” drinks, including the Marigold Mocha, with honey, orange peel and Nutella. If sweet and fruity is your cup of…coffee, this one might be for you for your spring enjoyment.

Everything Goes Well With Caramel

  1. If you like the idea of the Caffe Americano but are in the mood for something a little sweeter and spicier, how about a Caramel and Cinnamon Americano, which is exactly what it sounds like: an Americano with caramel sweetness and a cinnamon kick.

Berries and Coffee?! Oh, My!

  1. Another great, sweet and fruity spring coffee choice they suggest is the Blackberry and Caramel Latte, with the tartness of the blackberry offsetting the sweetness of the caramel for some pure coffee goodness for you to delight in this spring.

The nice thing about spring is that unlike the summer, where you might feel the need to cool off with iced coffees, or the winter, where hot coffee is an absolute must, the whole coffee world is open to you in the spring. Try some of these to get started, but don’t be afraid to let your coffee adventurousness run wild this spring!

[images via: Hotwire Coffee, Peace Coffee]