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An All-Purpose Guide to Peaberry Coffee and Its Amazing Flavor

What Is Peaberry Coffee and How Does It Taste?

peaberry coffee

If you’re a coffee aficionado or you’re friends with one, it may have happened to you. You’re shopping at your favorite coffee place or online, and right there among the typical selection of medium roasts, mochas and espressos, you see something new. Peaberry.

Is it a flavor? A special type of coffee bean? A way that coffee is prepared? What exactly is this mysterious peaberry coffee, and is it worth checking out?

If you’re like many coffee lovers, as soon as you heard about peaberry coffee, you knew you had to learn more. Read on to learn everything you need to know about the magical coffee bean that creates the exotic and often highly-coveted coffee known as peaberry.

Peaberry: A Mutant Coffee Cherry?

A peaberry is something of a mutant coffee cherry. You may not realize that every ordinary coffee bean you ever grind is born with a twin. That’s right. Most coffee cherries have two seeds, which are harvested and become the coffee beans that you roast, grind, and brew for your coffee.

However, in 5 percent of cases, instead of the typical twin coffee beans, a coffee cherry produces one round seed, which we call a peaberry. The name peaberry comes from its rounded appearance, as opposed to the flat berry appearance of the traditional coffee bean. Peaberries are a wonderful anomaly in the coffee world.

What’s So Great About Peaberries?

There’s nothing inherently special about peaberries, other than their rarity. Of course, so much coffee is produced in the world these days that there’s plenty of peaberry coffee to go around even at five percent, but the manual labor involved in locating them and picking them out of the crowd does help them fetch a premium price.

Those who feel peaberry coffee is worth the cost find it to be sweeter and more flavorful than typical coffee. On the other hand, some have tried it and can’t taste the difference at all. The peaberry faithful might say that those people don’t have a fine enough palate to appreciate peaberry.

Be warned, though – if you do try peaberry and love it, you may become a convert for life. Some peaberry drinkers swear by it and will no longer drink anything else. Of course, if you are a diehard coffee lover, it may be well worth the risk.

One of the reasons why peaberry coffees may taste better is because their rounder shape allows them to roast more evenly and to absorb heat better, for a smoother overall taste experience.

While peaberry coffee is gaining prominence in the continental U.S., the lands best known for producing peaberry coffee include Tanzania, Thailand and Kona, Hawaii.

Try Peaberry Coffee for Yourself Today

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