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Prepare for School to Get Back in Session With These Coffee Products

School Is in Session! Get Your Coffee On!

back to school coffee ideas

The school year is fast approaching, and for many of us, that means stocking up on our favorite coffees. For some, once the kids are back in school, it’s time to get back to enjoying the company with a few good friends over a warm cup of autumn-inspired coffee. For others, it’s time to get back to the books, where coffee breaks are sometimes the only things that keep you awake enough to complete all of your assignments.

On that note, more than a few students have required copious amounts of the miracle beverage to get them through those all-night cram sessions and to your 8am class on time, so here are a few ways to prepare and a few coffee favorites you may want to share with your classmates this year.

Coffee to Go Is Perfect for Students

One of the biggest challenges with being a coffee lover during the school year is finding time to make a cup of your favorite beverage. Sometimes you only have time for a quick mug between classes and you don’t necessarily want to pay high coffee store prices or wait on lines.

One go-to solution is instant coffee; remember, just because coffee is prepared fast doesn’t mean it has to be flavorless. Starbucks sells their VIA® Instant coffee in affordable, convenient flavor packets. All you have to do is stir it into a cup of hot water and pow, you’ve got a cup of Starbucks Italian Roast coffee ready to help get you through the day.

Similarly, even the most exotic cup of organic, shade-grown coffee from Thailand prepared pour-over style really only takes as long to prepare as boiling water, and pouring it over some grounds in your dorm room.

For that first cup of coffee in the morning though, you may need something a little bit stronger, but you still might not have a lot of time. In these situations, it’s great to have a Keurig® coffee maker handy. Keep it filled with hot water and all you have to do is pop in a K-cup of your favorite blend in the morning and you’ve got a hot cup ready to go in seconds.

back to school coffee ideas

School Time Coffee Favorites

But what if you do have a little time between classes, lectures or studying to sit back and really enjoy your java? In these cases, you want to make it count. Kick back with a delicious flavored latte, like a caramel chai latte made with a cup of milk, seven ounces of Chai, and an ounce of caramel sauce. All you need to do is mix the ingredients together, steam it and enjoy.

Or you could always settle in with a thick textbook and a spicy cinnamon latte, with a couple ounces of espresso, some cinnamon and vanilla syrup and about nine ounces of steamed milk on top.

When it’s time for end of semester studying, consider switching to a Café Americano, which is basically just espresso and water. It definitely has the kick to get you through finals week. If you’re not used to bitter coffee, you may want to have some half and half and sugar handy.

Get Sustainable for School

Hopefully one of the things you are learning about in school is the importance of supporting organic coffee growers and air trade coffee practices. To provide that support is easy – all you have to do is buy and drink organic and fair trade coffee!

If you don’t know where to look for such coffee, start with The Exotic Bean, where you’ll find high-quality Paradise Mountain organic coffee from Thailand which is direct trade, shade grown, and fully sustainable. It also tastes great, and makes some great coffee to share with friends in a study group, to enjoy on an afternoon date, or just to make your whole scholastic experience a little more flavorful.

[image via: Oregon Chai]