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New Roaster joins GOffee: The Exotic Bean — The Only Arabica Thai coffee in the United States

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This blog article originally appeared on the Goffee Blog, available here.

The Exotic Bean — The Only Arabica Thai coffee in the United States

We’re always on the lookout for interesting new coffee and tea partners. The Exotic Bean is one of our newest and this brand’s story is fascinating.

The company’s mission is to import the finest direct-trade coffees from Thailand. Like GOffee, The Exotic Bean works hard to be an eco-friendly coffee company. Selling only shade-grown coffees, the company only promotes products that leave as small of a footprint on the planet as possible. The farms they source from are much smaller allowing them to maintain environmental integrity.

One of the most unique aspects of The Exotic Bean is how the brand came to be. The company’s founder, Mike Kennedy, worked in corporate America for about 15 years. Decidedly fed up with the corporate rut, Mike quit his job and headed over to Thailand, where his wife is from. He wound up in a Thai fishing village, fell in love with the coffee, and when he came back to the states, he was dismayed that he could not find anything similar to the coffee he drank overseas. So he flew back to Thailand and partnered with the team from Paradise Mountain Organic Coffee.

Paradise Mountain Organic Coffee supports two communities by employing more than a hundred villagers in Thailand during harvest season, and purchases supplies and materials from villagers whenever possible to support the local economy. The company also provides school supplies and medical equipment to the villagers to help build strong, healthy communities. A legacy project and a labor of love, Paradise Mountain operates at the highest level of organic certification, the highest level of bird friendliness, and is wildcrafted.

The Exotic Bean is the exclusive distributor in the U.S. and the only company selling high-end Arabica Thai coffee in the United States. Mike is honored to be representing the world’s most sustainable coffee that boasts the use of solar and comes in biodegradable packing.

Right now, GOffee carries the Thai Angels Espresso & Thai Peaberry from The Exotic Bean. The Angel Espresso hits with a smooth and slightly sweet taste on the tongue, a hint of honey, macadamia & winey undertones, and finishes with a pleasantly dry, not bitter, mocha taste while the Peaberry (one of the rarest coffee beans) produces a smooth full-bodied medium roast cup with hints of bakers chocolate. honeysuckle and hints of citrus aroma.

We are proud to be working with such a unique brand that is focused on bringing the best of Thai coffee to the United States. Log on to your GOffee account and have some Exotic Bean coffee delivered right to your desk!

Zach @ GOffe