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10 Things That Should Always Be Included in a Coffee Gift Basket

Preparing to Assemble a Coffee Gift Basket for a Friend?

DIY Coffee gift baskets

A coffee gift basket is the perfect gift for just about any coffee lover. If you know someone who loves coffee, you know that they can never have enough, and a coffee gift basket is a great way to show you appreciate their passion. This includes close friends, life partners, and coworkers alike – no one will deny that receiving a great gift basket for one of their true passions in life is a welcome surprise. Here are ten things you should always be sure to include in your coffee gift basket.

1. Coffee

Well, obviously, but it would be quite embarrassing to leave this out. The coffee you include in your coffee gift basket should be special, a type of roast or flavor that your recipient is likely to enjoy but won’t necessarily buy for themselves.

2. More Coffee

While one type of coffee may be the showcase item, you should include a few different coffees for your friend to sample to make things fun. This is where you can have some fun by including specialty coffee like imported coffee from Thailand, or a new fair trade certified blend no one has heard of yet.

3. Flavored Syrup

Another fun way to enjoy coffee is by adding your favorite flavored syrup to the mix. You can highlight your choice by including a related item, such as a candy cane to go with peppermint flavoring or a cinnamon stick to go with cinnamon flavor.

4. Biscuits

One of the things that go great with coffee is a nice biscuit, biscotti, or cookie, so be sure to include a few of these in the deal. With such great packaging out there in the market for treats of this nature, adding in a nice tin or beautifully designed box of cookies will add plenty of visual appeal to the coffee gift basket.

5. Chocolate

Chocolate and coffee go hand in hand, and people who like one usually like the other, so including some fancy chocolates or a chocolate-covered biscuit can really jazz up your basket. Chocolate covered spoons or edible chocolate straws are some other fun chocolate goodies you can include.

6. Cocoa

No matter how much you love coffee, sometimes you may want a little change of pace, and since, as mentioned, coffee lovers often love chocolate too, specialty cocoa is a great alternative.

7. Tea

Another great alternative to coffee is tea, so including a nice herbal tea box or two is highly likely to be appreciated.

8. A Mug

Like coffee itself, coffee lovers can never have too many mugs. A decorative mug related to the occasion or theme of the basket is a memento that your gift recipient can appreciate long after the coffee itself is gone. It’s also a way to keep you in their thoughts, long after they’ve gone through the contents of the gift basket.

DIY Coffee gift baskets

9. Mason Jars

Your gift recipient may not finish all of the coffee in each package in one go, so providing some mason jars to store the leftovers is another helpful addition to your coffee gift basket.

10. The Card

This may be the most important item of all (after the coffee). Don’t forget to include a thoughtful card to let your special gift recipient know who is sending them some of their favorite treats and what the occasion is, even if that occasion is just your friendship.