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New to Coffee? Try This Holiday Gift Guide for the Budding Coffee Lover

What to Buy for Those New to the World of Specialty Coffee

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The holidays are a time to gather with loved ones to celebrate, be merry, and, of course, to exchange gifts! And as any seasoned gift-giver will tell you, a great present is all about the thought that inspired it.

So if you’ve noticed someone on your list has recently developed an interest in the world of specialty coffee, consider bestowing them with a gift that will keep on giving by taking their home coffee brewing techniques to the next level. Read on for our holiday gift guide for the aspiring coffee aficionado in your life.

Cold Brew Coffee Kit

For those that aren’t too deeply entrenched in the world of specialty coffee, it may come as a surprise just how simple it can be to make delicious, perfectly brewed iced coffee using the cold brew method at home. Due to the heat-free brewing process, cold brewed coffee is naturally much lower in acidity than traditional hot-brewed coffee (up to 67%!).

There are a variety of kits and accessories available online and in specialty kitchen stores that are designed to make cold brewing at home a snap, like the CoffeeSock Cold Brew Kit. Simply fill the “sock” with your favorite ground coffee blend, add water, and stick it in the fridge overnight. And in the morning, voila! Perfectly brewed, smooth-as-silk iced brew that even the most inexperienced of coffee drinkers can execute with ease.

image of holiday coffee gift guide

Smart Coffee Grinder

Many coffee grinders perform just one function – grinding. Transforming those grounds into a perfectly brewed cup of coffee requires precise measurement via scales, measuring scoops, or a well-trained eye, all of which can be a little overwhelming for someone who is brand new to the world of making coffee at home.

The good news is that you can easily take this step out of the equation with a high-tech coffee grinder with a built-in scale that can dispense the precise amount of coffee grounds needed for the desired brewing method and volume. We recommend the OXO On Conical Burr Coffee Grinder with Intelligent Dosing Scale, an ideal tool to take the guesswork out of grinding.

image of holiday coffee gift guide

Coffee Storage – The Right Way

Coffee, like many other foodstuffs, doesn’t fare particularly well when exposed to the elements. Moisture in the air will dilute flavorful oils present in the roasted beans, which results in an underwhelming final product in your morning cup.

The solution? Vacuum sealing, of course! Help the budding coffee lover in your life keep their beans as fresh as the day they were roasted with an airtight, vacuum-sealed coffee canister. The Coffeevac is an affordable and valuable coffee brewing accessory, and something that will be appreciated for many mornings to come!

image of holiday coffee gift guide