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Coffee Lovers Rejoice! 10 Amazing Iced and Cold Coffee Drinks for Summer Heat!

Summer Doesn’t Mean Downtime for Coffee Lovers!

summer iced coffee drinks

What makes a great summer coffee drink? Of course, it has to include one of your favorite coffees, that much is obvious. It probably also has to be cold in order to beat that summer heat, and it should have an unforgettable flavor that just reminds you of summer.

Summer is a great opportunity to try a wide variety of cold coffee drinks and flavors that you don’t have the time for the rest of the year. At the end of the day, summer is the perfect excuse to experiment with a host of new coffee ideas.

In that spirit, here are ten of some of the most summery, tastiest iced coffee and cold coffee drinks for you to enjoy during this year’s warm season.

1. Nitro Iced Coffee

Most people can’t make this one at home, but if you can find a coffee shop that makes it, you’re in for a real treat. Cold brew cooled with nitrogen gas, nitro iced coffee is the perfect way to beat the summer heat.

2. Vanilla Iced Coffee

Simple but satisfying, pouring your favorite coffee over ice and adding vanilla flavor is a great way to enjoy your favorite beverage. Here’s a simple recipe for vanilla iced coffee.

summer coffee drinks affogato

3. Café Affogato

Ice cream is great; espresso is great; so why not combine the two? That’s just what the inventor of the Café Affogato thought, and he was totally right! Here’s how to make a deeply satisfying Café Affogato.

4. Thai Iced Coffee

If you enjoy Thai coffee, then you’re sure to love Thai iced coffee. Iced is one of the most popular ways to drink Thai coffee, as it provides a refreshing, exotic taste that is full of flavor and a great way to cool off in the summer. Naturally, you’ll want to start with organic coffee from Paradise Mountain.

5. Coconut Iced Coffee

What a lot of summer coffee drinks are missing is that “summer vacation” feel, right? The coconut flavor added to espresso and cold brew in coconut iced coffee is sure to whisk you away to a tropical island in no time at all, and without having to jump on a flight!

summer coffee drinks milkshake

6. Coffee Milkshake

If the Café Affogato makes your sweet tooth tingle, then how about a full-on coffee milkshake as a delicious summer treat? You’ll find a great recipe for a cold brew coffee milkshake here.

7. Coffee Soda

Ice cold soda is another summer staple, so why not delight your guests by combining it with coffee? You can make coffee soda with just about any type of coffee, from cold brew to Thai coffee to espresso. Here’s a delicious coffee soda recipe for you to try.

summer coffee drinks old fashioned

8. Coffee Old Fashioned

Summer drinkers, we haven’t forgotten about you. Combine your favorite espresso, your favorite bourbon, and a few other choice ingredients for the ideal coffee cocktail to relax with on the patio. Here’s a great coffee old fashioned recipe to get you started.

9. Frozen Cappuccino

Yes, frozen cappuccino is a real thing, and yes, it tastes like espresso-flavored frozen yogurt. What could possibly be a better summer drink? Here’s one recipe for how to make a frozen cappuccino for you and your friends.

summer iced coffee drinks bulletproof

10. Iced Bulletproof Coffee

If you’re trying to stay slim in the summer, you may be into the bulletproof coffee craze. Bulletproof coffee is intended as a healthy breakfast replacement to help you start your day, and an iced version is the perfect way to kick off some summer fun. Here’s an iced bulletproof coffee recipe to get you started.

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