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Valentine’s Day Coffee and Dessert Pairings You Can Easily Try at Home

Valentine’s Day Is Coming. Planning on Making a Romantic Dessert?

Coffee and Dessert Pairings

Few things go better with a great coffee than a great dessert, and Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to indulge in both. But certain coffees do just go better with certain desserts than others. So what’s the secret of pairing the two? Well, here’s a guide for how to pair great coffees with great desserts, followed with a few pairings to get you started turning up the dial on romance this special holiday.

Pairings are all about finding complementary flavors, and when it comes to coffee and dessert, there are three main factors you want to consider: Body, Roast Level, and Flavor Profile. Once you understand these concepts, you can find a pairing for just about any favorite dessert or favorite coffee.

Coffee “Body”

How heavy is the coffee you’re drinking? Does it have an airy taste in your mouth, or a fuller, silky feel? Light-bodied coffees match up well with light-bodied desserts like merengues or mousses. Fuller-bodied coffees go with heavier desserts, like rich chocolate cake or a creamy cheesecake.

Roast Level of the Coffee Beans

In a similar vein, lighter roasts tend to go with lighter desserts, while a darker bean often complements a heavier dessert more effectively. Darker roasts tend to taste earthier, nuttier, and feature more chocolate notes, all of which goes really nicely with those richer desserts.

Coffee and Dessert Pairings

Flavor Profile of Your Chosen Coffee Blend

Does your coffee have citrus notes? It will probably go better with fruitier desserts. Is it a little spicy? You may find that it goes well with cinnamon or nutmeg. A very chocolate-y coffee naturally goes well with chocolate desserts.

You are encouraged to experiment with your own coffee and dessert matches this Valentine’s Day, but here are a few tasty ones to try so you can get started early finding the perfect pairing for you and your loved one.

Espresso and Chocolate Lava Cake

A perfect example of a full-bodied coffee and a richer dessert, this combination of a classic, strong brew and an explosion of delicious chocolate is sure to satisfy any lover of all things sweet and rich.

Cappuccino and Tiramisu

Tiramisu already has coffee flavors included in the recipe, so it’s a natural match with one of everyone’s favorite gourmet coffee beverage, the cappuccino.

Mocha and Cheesecake

Chocolate and cheesecake are a natural pairing, so the coffee notes in a delicious mocha go great with the cheesy, creamy goodness of a decadent cheesecake slice.

Cortadito and Chocolate Covered Strawberries

If you’ve never had a Cortadito, also known as Cuban coffee or Cuban espresso, you’re missing out. The pure Cortadito is an espresso shot that’s sweetened with demerara sugar and topped off with steamed milk. If you like espresso or cappuccino, there’s a good chance you’ll love this beverage.

Since it’s lighter than a traditional espresso, there’s also a great chance you’ll love it with a Valentine’s Day classic dessert like the classic: chocolate covered strawberries.

Irish Coffee and Apple Pie

Irish coffee is a great way to get people in a Valentine’s Day mood, and with its creamy topping and sweet taste, it mixes perfectly with another classic dessert, the All-American apple pie.

Get the Most Out of Valentine’s Day This Year

We hope you and your loved one enjoy Valentine’s Day like never before this year. And what better way to ensure a delicious end to a wonderful meal, like making your own special dessert? Get in touch with Exotic Bean today when you’re ready to pair exotic, delicious and unique coffees from SE Asia and beyond.