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Summer Is Almost Here! Don’t Miss These Irresistible Summer Coffee Cocktails

Summer Coffee Cocktails You Won’t Want to Miss

summer coffee cocktails

Summer is here, and while many people may think of fall and winter as the prime coffee seasons, we true enthusiasts know that summer is what iced coffee was invented for! If you’re looking to have fun in the sun with some delicious coffee cocktails this summer, here are a few delicious ones to get you started in your quest for cold coffee heaven.

  1. Colada Fizz

The Daily Coffee News has more than a few ideas on how to enjoy your coffee this summer, including the tropically inspired Colada Fizz, made famous by Ceremony Coffee Roasters in Maryland. This coffee version of the summer vacation staple Pina Colada is a combination of Espresso, fresh pineapple, coconut sugar, coconut water, black cherries and soda.

  1. Mojito Iced Coffee

If you love Mojitos, why not enjoy a Mojito iced coffee? All you need is your favorite coffee and some fresh mint leaves. Just add simple syrup and whipping cream, and boom! You’re in Mojito town, coffee style!

  1. Blood Rush

If you still enjoy a Bloody Mary with brunch, you’re bound to love this coffee cocktail served all summer at Cocoa Cinnamon in Durham, N.C. It’s an eye-opening combo of Indonesian cold brew coffee, Bloody Mary Mix (try tomato juice, black pepper, cumin and ginger root), parsley, and ice. Feel free to toss in a stalk of celery.

  1. Stubby Shandy

If you’re looking for coffee cocktails with a little more emphasis on the “cocktail” part, Prima Coffee Equipment suggests the Stubby Shandy, a combo of your favorite coffee, chilled, mixed with water and your favorite beer. It works! Really!

summer coffee cocktails
  1. Cold Brew Berry Fizz

If a coffee and beer cocktail is a little aggressive for your taste, you may find Prima Coffee’s next suggestion, the Cold Brew Berry Fizz, much more inviting. It’s a simple combination of cold brew, rum, a spoon of simple syrup and a handful of fresh berries, plus orange blossom water, orange bitters, soda and a lemon garnish. Light and refreshing, with a little kick!

  1. Black Forest Coffee

Imbibe Magazine has a few ideas of their own on how to kick off the summer with a coffee cocktail, including the Black Forest, a combination of two ounces of chilled coffee or cold brew mixed with a quarter ounce of Benedictine, quarter ounce of Maraschino Liqueur, shaken with ice and strained into a chilled flute.

  1. White Russian

Of course, no discussion of summer coffee cocktails would be complete without a nod to this classic, traditionally made beverage with a half-ounce of cooled coffee, two ounces of vodka, an ounce of Kahlua, and an ounce of cream. Easy to make and oh, so tasty!

Coffee Lovers Just Can’t Wait for Summer!

If any of these spectacular coffee drinks for summer are giving you ideas, go out and help yourself to a coffee cocktail right now! You may even want to get creative by adding your own alcoholic or non-alcoholic flavorings to your favorite iced coffee or cold-brew. Who knows? Maybe you’ll discover the next great coffee cocktail yourself!

[images via: Daily Coffee News, Prima Coffee]