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12 Amazing Fall Coffee and Dessert Pairings

The Best Coffee and Dessert Pairings for the Autumn Season

Fall Coffee and Dessert Pairings

The fall season is just about the perfect time to curl up with a hot cup of coffee and a delicious dessert. Whether it’s a slice of pumpkin pie or a piping hot apple turnover, the best thing to pair with your autumn desserts is always a good strong coffee drink. And the key to a great coffee drink is in the beans.

The Exotic Bean has the best single-origin, organic, shade-grown coffee beans directly sourced from Thailand, Mexico, and Vietnam, giving you the opportunity to brew incredible coffee this fall. Read on for our official fall season coffee and dessert pairings, perfect for every autumn occasion.

Coffee Drinks and Great Sweet Fall Eats!

  1. Latte with a Pan Au Raisin

The light simple sweetness of a latte accentuates a big, hearty pastry that isn’t too chocolatey. The bready texture of the pan au raisin or a cinnamon bun will go perfectly with the latte’s steamed milk.

  1. Americano and Cheesecake

The Americano is a drink that really emphasizes a good coffee bean. Its bold and bitter flavor is best complemented with a creamy dessert like pumpkin cheesecake or a red velvet cupcake.

  1. Black Coffee and Doughnuts

While similar to an Americano, the flavor profile is more subdued and is better paired with a doughnut. While this classic combination may seem cliché, you can always spice it up with a new and interesting doughnut flavor, like apple or maple bacon.

  1. Cappuccino and Candy Corn Fudge

The steamed milk foam in a cappuccino pairs delightfully well with a rich, chocolatey pastry. Try a chocolate lava cake, devil’s food cake, or some candy corn fudge to opt for a real fall-season flavor.

  1. Cortado and Custard Tart

The cortado is a Spanish/Portuguese drink created by adding a splash of milk to an espresso. A Spanish custard tart goes perfectly with this drink. Add apples and a dash of cinnamon for an excellent fall treat.

  1. Irish Coffee and Apple Pie

Irish whiskey, Kahlua, and cream create an incredible cocktail that is like a dessert in itself—almost. Pair it with a slice of classic apple pie and a scoop of vanilla ice cream for an excellent flavor combination.

  1. Turkish Coffee and Chocolate-Bourbon Pecan Pie

Turkish Coffee uses freshly ground beans to brew an unfiltered pot of rich, dark coffee, and just the concentration is consumed. Due to its strong nature, it needs a powerful dessert pairing like fudge cookies or chocolate-bourbon pecan pie.

Fall Coffee and Dessert Pairings from Exotic Bean
  1. Ristretto and Chocolate Pumpkin Brownies

A ristretto is like an espresso, but with half the amount of water. This creates a bolder taste that works well with intense desserts like chocolate pudding or chocolate pumpkin brownies.

  1. Mocha and Candy Apples

A mocha already has a powerful flavor thanks to the chocolate flavor found in the drink. That’s why it complements a lighter, fruity and non-chocolate dessert like almond cake or a candy apple really well.

  1. Frappe and Ice Cream

This chilled drink is often sweet on its own. That’s why it’s best to stay away from the pastries and enjoy another chilly treat, like ice cream.

  1. Macchiato and Almond Brittle

A macchiato uses the foam of a cappuccino, but without the extra milk. It is a light drink that goes best with a light, nutty dessert like fig and walnut muffins or almond brittle.

  1. Espresso and Chocolate Truffles

Drinking an espresso is a full-bodied experience, and whatever dessert gets paired with the coffee beverage needs to work alongside it nicely. For a dessert that can hold its own, try a chocolate truffle or a piece of raspberry cheesecake.

Cheers to These Special Fall Dessert Combinations!

There you have it! Twelve incredible coffee and dessert pairings that will be perfect for any occasion this fall – whether you’re entertaining friends on a chilly autumn night, or preparing for a special anniversary. And just think how impressed your company will be when you tell them you’ve directly sourced high quality, organic coffee beans from Thailand!