The Exotic Bean


The Exotic Bean is a small specialty coffee roaster, committed to organic & fair trade principles. We use an artisanal approach, roasting in small batches, to provide the freshest and most unique gourmet blends of coffee beans.

Coffee in Laos is cultivated almost exclusively on the Bolaven Plateau in the southern part of the country. The plateau, with ample rainfall, cool temperatures and rich volcanic soil reaches an elevation of over 1200 meters, perfect conditions for growing world class gourmet coffee beans. The Arabica coffee beans from the plateau are known for their medium body and a combination of mild citrus and floral tones.

Our Laos Peaberry coffee is one of Southeast Asia’s best kept secrets, until now. The Exotic Bean is very fortunate to be the only company ¬†importing these high quality coffee beans into the United States. Once you take your first sip of these rare one of a kind coffees, we promise you will “taste the difference”.

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