The Exotic Bean

About Us

The Exotic Bean specializes in providing the highest quality, USDA certified organic, fair trade, shade-grown, low acid, fully sustainable Arabica coffees from Thailand and Laos.

The Exotic Bean was founded due to the owner’s love of coffee and for traveling to Thailand and Laos. While there, he noticed that the local coffees were outstanding, like nothing he had ever had before. Upon returning home he quickly discovered these coffees were nowhere to be found in the US, hence The Exotic Bean was born.

Due to their ideal climate, these rare coffees have been grown for centuries in Thailand and Laos. Thailand’s warm, dry winters and hot, wet summers are ideal for growing high quality coffee. The coffee grown on these farms is often naturally shaded by banana, mango, and other fruit trees influencing the coffee’s flavor, eliminating much of the acidity and bitterness normally found with most coffees. As well this area is known for its volcanic soil which aids in the growing process of the coffees. Similar to the famous Hawaiian Kona and Jamaican Blue Mountain coffees at a third of the price and even better taste.

Most coffees grown around the world are farmed strictly for corporate profit, with little regard for the farmer, the environment, nor the consumer. The Exotic Bean Coffee is committed to providing the highest quality, environmentally friendly, fully sustainable, and ethically sound coffee available. One sip and we promise you will “Taste the Difference.”