The Exotic Bean
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Why Sustainable Coffee?

What makes us The Worlds most Sustainable Coffee?

Paradise Mountain Organic Coffee Farm

  • Untouched landscape to preserve wildlife- Certified Bird Friendly
  • Hand planted coffee trees stretching over 200 acres
    • True Trade- growers are owners
    • Above fair-trade wages for farmers
  • Shade grown coffee trees
    • longer process but more beneficial to the environment
    • Certified bird friendly by the Smithsonian Institute
    • Certified Organic
  • The foliage from surrounding trees is used as compost and increases soil fertility
  • Spring water is returned to the earth after use for irrigation
  • Pond created to capture rainwater for dry seasons
  • Shell compost back into fertilizer
  • Natural compost is used as our organic fertilizer
  • Burlap sacs are sent back to the farm and re-used
  • Compost bags are reused to reinforce the damn
  • Creating opportunity for over 100 people at harvest season
    • Providing support to the two local villages
    • Community projects including medical supplies, shoes and infrastructure support
    • Ceremonies, celebrations and village gatherings are supported by PMOC

Paradise Mountain Organic Sustainable Coffee Plant

  • Roasting is done in an Organic Roasting Plant in Calgary
  • All excess coffee chaff is reused, packaged into biodegradable bags and recycled into garden fertilizer for garden stores in the area
  • Burlap sacs are donated and made into furniture, handbags, dog beds and other products

Paradise Mountain Organic Sustainable Coffee Bag

  • Available Omnidegradable (biodegradable) or recyclable packaging