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How Cold Brew Coffee Has Come Alive in SE Asia

Southeast Asia Makes a Turn Toward Cold Brew Coffee…

cold brew coffee in se asia

Southeast Asia is one of the world’s best and most prodigious producers of coffee, and today, both chain and independent coffee shops are a common sight. This helps the SE Asia community to stay fairly current on new coffee trends, and one of those trends that they are welcoming quite happily is cold brew coffee.

The middle class in many parts of Southeast Asia is small but growing, and the region is experiencing strong economic growth, meaning more disposable income to spend on trying new things, including new types of and ways to drink coffee.

This is great news for the cold brew coffee market, which has gained a foothold in Southeast Asia.

Why Do People Love Cold Brew in Southeast Asia?

Many Southeast Asia coffee drinkers, like their Western counterparts, appreciate the natural flavor and artisanal atmosphere of cold brew coffee products. Cold brew brands are introducing more and more flavors and experimenting with ingredients to offer a wide range of cold brew tastes to coffee lovers all over the world.

How Is Cold Brew Coffee Made in Southeast Asia?

What makes cold brew coffee special is the process, which starts by grinding the beans and soaking them at room temperature for anywhere from 12 to 24 hours. It is then diluted and then chilled before consumption. The result is a concentrated, high-caffeine brew with low acidity and a naturally sweet and mellow taste and smell.

Cold brew is also migrating to European retail and is now starting to establish itself among the growing aspirational consumer base of Southeast Asia. In the Southeast Asia region, this type of coffee is still considered niche. However, there is potential for this type of coffee to attract the attention of the wider middle-class consumers across the region.

Is Cold Brew Really Popular in SE Asia?

We know that cold brew is getting huge in the United States. Companies are even doing major equipment overhauls to keep up with the demand. But is it really popular in SE Asia?

Cold brew still represents only a small portion of the cold brew market, but it is growing. As of 2016, the U.S. stood atop the list when it comes to cold brew products with 40 percent. South Korea stood at 18 percent, but Indonesia came on strong at 13 percent.

While 2016 was still the strongest year so far for cold brew, the sub-segment grew 580 percent in the U.S. from 2011-2016, so there is reason to expect big things from the future of the cold brew market in SE Asia.

You can be sure that with the coffee culture of Southeast Asia and the prosperity of the middle class growing, you will see plenty of cold brew manufacturers going after the Southeast Asia market. This is great for fans of SE Asia blends of coffee who love trying new things, especially cold brew.

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